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September 30, 2009
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038 Abandoned by ShadeofShinon 038 Abandoned by ShadeofShinon
Autunm colours are so beatiful, don't you think so too? Originally I wasn't planning to draw those autunm coloured trees in the window view, but I couldn't help it. Having my desk placed right next to the window, that gives a wonderful view when the time of the day is right, almost forced me to put some of those colours in this picture. 8)
This is my entry for :iconflarerose:'s contest. And holy cow, I'm actually in time with this entry! o___o World is going insane, this isn't really true, is it? Okay, it might be because I had scheduled the progress of this picture by the old deadline, which is today (suprise suprise) but some days ago Flarerose extended the date and so my entry was finished in time. Ahahaha! :iconsakamotolaughplz:
I was somewhat inspired by this song [link] It's really beautiful, I like it very much. I also wanted to use some mediums I haven't used in a long time and I chose black paper and pastel pencils. They're so lovely but I feel like I still have some pastel dust in my lungs... *coughcough* And I also decided to draw Snowviolet as an anthro. So many different from usual -things at the same time, I'm amazed. X3 I think that the anatomy came out pretty nicely. I loved colouring that dress. It's very simple but I like it that way. 8) The lights and shades might be a bit off and the fact that I tried using ordinary hairspray to attach the pastel colours properly on the paper didn't help a thing. The hairspray ate the original softness of the colours and made the shadows darker that they were - but only partly! AAAAAAaaaaAAaaRRRrrrrggGGgGhHHHHh! I'll never use that again! I'll buy proper fixative next time, damn it! >8(( I managed to save the most, though, but it still doesn't look like it was before I destroyed it. *sigh* Well, it was too well done to be true anyway. But even if that didn't happen, I'm not completely satisfied with it afterall. But I like it quite a lot. ^^ Especially that rock in the front.
Oh, and the scene takes place in an abandoned cathedral, might not be easy to figure that out, but that's what I thought. :3

I hope you like it, especially ~flarerose!

Mediums Black paper, a bit bigger than the ordinary A4 | Derwent Pastel pencils | Derwent Graphitint pencils
Time taken Not a brightest idea, maybe 6 hours.

Snowviolet is c ~flarerose
Picture is c =ShadeofShinon
The inspiring track is c Blackmore's Night

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Oh wow, I love it =) the chalk fur is awesome!
ShadeofShinon Oct 4, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! For the fav too :D
villiipana Sep 30, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
vau tää on tosi makeesti väritetty :o
Tykkään ihan tosi paljon taustasta ! Sain siitä inspiraation jyväsiä :---D
Tekee itekki mieli piirtää jotaan tollasta!

ShadeofShinon Oct 2, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Kiitoksia paljon! Mukava kuulla, että tämä inspiroi 8D
Kiitokseni favista myös <3
Im just speechless! This is magnificent and you made this look magical, you must of had alot of insperation or this!
SnowViolet looks beautiul, and the autumn colors are brilliant, its so beautiful It has brghtened up my day! thank you!

good luck!
ShadeofShinon Oct 2, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm so glad to hear you like it! :)
Thank you very much for the nice comment and fav, too :heart:
your welcome ^w^
id write a cirt but its just soo much better then anything i could do and dat make me feel bad :p

:clap: amazing work simply put
ShadeofShinon Oct 2, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, it doesn't matter. I hope you're not feeling too bad about it, though. :3
But thanks! For the fav too :heart:
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